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Essentials to Having a Mobile-Friendly Landing Page.

Research shows that a high percentage of web traffic comes from mobile devices. For this reason, it would be beneficial to ensure your pages are mobile-friendly. It is advisable to take note of the landing page as visitors views it before anything else. You do not have to worry if you have no idea about having a mobile-friendly landing page. In this article, there are steps that will help you optimize your landing page. Discover more about the things you can introduce and the modifications you can employ on your landing page.

It is advisable to have a simple, precise and short message. They should be a summary of the contents in your homepage. Most visitors cannot stand a loading page with bulky contents. Different from the computer screens, the mobile phones might not allow for huge contents. From this, it is beneficial only to have vital messages on your landing page.

You need to have one call to action. Loading pages are meant to show the significant value. At the same time, it would be beneficial if you have a key action. For a call action to be efficient, it has to be bold and obvious. For this reason, they should be simple and bring out contrast on your page. It has to be the center of attention for any visitor.

You also need to speed up your loading time. If your loading time is slow; you will experience high bounce rates. Most visitors leave pages that have more than 3 seconds of loading time. The speed of your site depends on the number of plugins and the size of the media. It would help to know that the steps involved on the site will affect the corresponding speed. You will benefit by having few active plugins and do regular tests on every page.

It will be best to choose uncomplicated media. It would be best to analyze the current images and videos on your landing page. They can impact on your site’s speed and organization. You need to ensure that images and videos are at the minimum, only upload them when it is a must. Making a white background will make your page look more organized.

It is helpful to have your popups mobile-optimized. Your page need popups to have more human traffic. For this reason, you need to confirm that all your popups are optimized for mobile use. You need to confirm that the popups and mobile landing size go hand in hand. This will guarantee visitors and easy time leaving the popups.

Now that you know the steps to create a mobile-friendly landing page, you will need help in actualizing the ideas. Click here for more information on guidelines and design tips.

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